Philip Lemoine moved to Hawaii with a big dream and a little experience in pursuit of building a wedding cinema company, Supreme Wedding Films. Yet after years of growing success, Philip found himself going down a path of alcoholism and loneliness; he found himself burnt out.  It took some serious self reflection to realize that he loved shooting, editing, and creating videos, but hated running a business.  Philip knew that he needed to restructure his life to attain happiness.


Along his journey, Philip found a relationship with God, and a new mission to help people around the world with his video passion.  In an attempt to marry his desire to help others while making videos he wanted to make, Philip started two YouTube channels:  One about helping couples looking to get married and one about cooking his favorite foods.


Philip didn’t really pursue YouTube as a way to make money, but was surprised when views started coming in.  He soon got monetized on his cooking channel and is currently working on some brand collaborations to help other food companies.  


Today, Philip lives a much more fulfilled life, balancing his wedding gigs, YouTube content and investing into his mental and physical well-being.


If youʻre an entrepreneur that is getting burnt out on the marathon that is running and owning a business, or are someone looking to create their own revenue stream by creating their own content, this is the program for you.


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