Find Your Creative Career: Life After Photography with Dallas Nagata White | Berad Podcast

Dallas is an award-winning photographer who you might know from her Huffington Post featured Lava Kiss photo or her popular Spartan costume from her work as a cosplayer.

She talks to us about her beginnings as an up-and-coming photographer, finding success through serendipity, and having a job for the first time in her life in her thirties. As a current full-time student and graphic designer for Kini Zamora, of Project Runway fame, she walks us through her previous life as a freelance photographer and how she pivoted into becoming a career-minded fashion designer.

If she had one piece of advice for creatives coming out of High School, it would be to not go to photo/film/design school! See why in this podcast.

Tell us about your struggles in finding a long-term career in a creative industry, and what kind of advice you need to get to living the life you dream.

Connect with Dallas and see her portfolio here:

HuffPost Lava Kiss:

Spartan Cosplay:

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